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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  February 25, 2013 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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you're watching abc2 news, the station that works for you.. >> chilling words from the gunman from perry hall high school who has been sentenced to 35 years in prison. >> it really is a lunchtime procedure getting rid of your love handles on your lunch break we begin with new information on a shooting that shocked baltimore county on the first day of the school year. >> that's right, the gunman who opened fire inside a perry hall high school, today a judge sentenced him to 35 years in prison. >> christian schaefer is live with reaction and more on the case. >> after prosecutors -- after that sentence was handed down today, the prosecutors released the 50-minute interview that robert gladden jr. did with police. he didn't go too far into why he did what he did, but it is clear clear from listening to
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that tape that he is disturbed young man. >> chilling words from robert gladden, jr., shortly after he opened fire in school. >> i walked into the cafeteria, and i didn't have any one person that i was trying to kill. ijust turned and shot. before icould get the second shot off, a teacher came over and pushed me up against a vending machine so i gave up. >> police also released surveillance videos showing gladden walk in with the shotgun in his hand then staff members try to subdue him. then he's up against that l vending mission. the only person injured daniel bro wee. >> how many sh -- boar wii. >> how ma >> 21. >> why so many? .
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>> because i figured i would hurt as many as i could. >> he told a class mate to leave the cafeteria because he had been having homicide dal thoughts for years. >> why was this necessary. >> to make a point. >> what's your point? . >> teach people not to bother [bleep]. >> after the shooting, daniel borowy's mother she call it is school to see how he is. . >> they know i'm calling, they're ready for me. >> his father said in his view, preventing the next school shooting will require more than gun control. >> we need to get society back in order and we're seeing it in our young kids today. it's gotto get changed. >> after his interview with police, gladden talked with mental health experts even showing his left arm where he had been cutting himself from
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time to time. >> i don't cut myself because i'm sad and depressed, it's because i don't like people. idon't see a point in life because you're just going to die and there's nothing after that i think, so what's the point. >> daniel borowy's parents say medically he's doing okay. before the sentencing, gladden wrote a letter to his parents. daniel's mother prays he meant the apology. >> chilling to listen to that tape. robert gladden's defense attorney says this case should have been tried in juvenile court. >> after the plea, he tried to argue for a lesser sentence. but the judge handed down that sentence just five years under the maximum. with thesentencing, gladden at 15 years old will become one of the youngest inmates in maryland's system.
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>> he's a 15-year old who chose to do an adult act. heendangered the lives of many people and significantly one person who was struck. >> the evidence is overwhelming, but we don't penlize people with mental illness, and now what we're doing is penlizing people with mental illness. >> that shooting had the potential of being another sandy hook. now the debate of gun control is back under the limelight. . >> new tonight, we're in baltimore where a human skeletal remain was found in the woods near the high school. theremains were turned over to the medical examiner. no word on how long they were this tl. >> he was on trial for killing her mother and daughter but
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tonight a judge di declared a mission trial for jason scott. it happened after testimony that scott was involved in multiple home invasions. the judge ruled only one home invasion was admissible. brooi an kuebler profiled the crime. you can see the entire report on >> 3,000 people took buses to annapolis tonight. once theystepped off, they screamed our city schools are crumbling, please help. cheryl conner with more on their message. >> baltimore took over annapolis tonight. baltimoreeducation coalition planned this rally. they say they have a financial plan to repair and renovate schools more quickly. >> look, i thought we came out for the ravens but the ravens haven't seen nothing like that. >> nearly 80 bus brought an
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estimated #30 3,000 people to annapolis. >> we have a cafeteria that's too small for our childre . we have classrooms that are too small. >> the baltimore education coalition is backing bills in the house and senate. the billwould issue bonds to renovate or repair schools. they want more than a band-aid approach legislation being proposed would allow us to take existing state funds and leverage those funds to effect wide scale renovations the buildings are older and more run down than any in the state. >> their environment isn't fair. it teaches them about themselves and how other people feel about them. >> the first part of the plan would allow the city to spend more than a billion dollars over a year and a half to
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renovate five schools. >> the lieutenant governor got behind it, house speaker michael bush is in favor along with many members of the baltimore delegation. >> listen, that's the chant that got us all the lombardi troef fee and it's going to get us a victory for our schools that's right. they arecomparing this educational plan to the superbowl. a hearing to introduce the bill will be held on march 5th. . >> tomorrow the case o' of a salisbury man a-takes center place at the supreme court. alonzo cane was arrested on assault charges. police tookhis dna and linked him to 2003 rape.
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the argument is whether this is unconstitutional or whether once arrested you lose privacy rights. and dependingon the weather, two police will be getting two helicopters tomorrowment these are the first of ten that will replace the current fleet. some of if choppers are more than ten years old. >> it's clear outside tonight but changes are coming. let'scheck in with chief meteorologist wooi wie. >> kelly, what we're looking at is a big change by this time tomorrow night. it is getting cold out there. down in the upper 20s by daybreak. the sunglasses may be needed for if morning commute and then the clouds come in. there's goingto be a lot of rain for central maryland and the eastern shore. central maryland it's a rain
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threat starting midday tomorrow. >> wyatt, as early as this week, the full senate could take up the vote on the governor's gun legislation. >> and the gun debate is devicive. tonight, we take a look at what's at stake. >> december 14th, just 11-day days before christmas, we wept for sandy hook. >> it's hard to get your mind around this that someone so young would leave us. >> from new tourn, connecticut to -- newtown, connecticut to baltimore we watched as 20 young people had their lives cut short. >> i was thinking about those families. the pain andsuffering that they're going to go through for years. >> duane is an avid gun collector. >> this is the ar-15 that
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everybody's avad of. >> strawbridge says he didn't think about his guns on that day but in the days that followed, the conversation shifted to gun control. >> i didn't do anything wrong. all of my weapons were locked up safe. i am progun and i am for common sense legislation. butabsolutely removing my capability of purchasing these firearms makes no sense to me. . >> he's been a marksman since high school and says responsible gun owners shouldn't pay the price for the actions of the mentally ill. he blooefskeeping guns out of their hands is where the focus should be. . >> people should not have the ability to buy guns that are made for mass murder and war. >> vincent says the governor' proposed legislation would save
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lives. he says it could require fingerprinting and make it more difficult for those with mental illness to buy weapons and decrease the amount of ammunition in a clip. >> we should not live in a society where someone can shoot 30 rounds without having to reload. >> he says baltimore could have had its own tragedy on the first day of school luckily, he had a gun that could only shoot a couple of bullets at a time. >> 15-year old robert gladden j pleaded guilty for shooting daniel borowy. boar ree survive -- borowy you are r survived. >> you can pass legislation and then it's still going to happen. there are millions of assault
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type weapons available in the united states. >> dwaun strawbridge is aiming for a target somewhere in between. he just hopes lawmakers will try to protect everybody r everyone's rights. >> this is a hobby that i covet. i would hope they would look at somebody like me and think he's not such a bad guy, maybe we'll let him keep them. >> for the latest follow me on twitter at swoop. >> coming up could it be the solutions for trimming your trouble spots my pants are a little bit loose. >> a now cosmetic procedure worked for this woman. >> ladies, if you want to, you have the right to fight on the front lines because of that, a new responsibility could be given to all women. >> and a new generation
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smartphone. coming up in 60 seconds
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. >> new at 11:00, it hasn't been used in more than 30 years but the next time the country drafts servicemen, it could be different. the next time the government drafts, the government could have an obligation to change the rules. all of that changed with the defense department's decision in january. do you think the draft should be cohead now? join the conversation on our facebook page. >> and our consumer alert, which number is higher, the amount of money you owe on credit cards or what you have in savings. if you're being honest, half will say your credit card debt is higher. thereason is simple, we just aren't saving enough.
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we are saving though more than we have been but financial experts will tell you it's hard to move toward fwnlly when incumbents are not going up. >> it's quickly becoming a two phone world. samsung willrelease the galaxy 4 on march 14th. the galaxy s 3 was the first smartphone to out sell the iphone. >> let's be honest, do you have love handles, you know, those areas on your body that just won't go a-away. >> what are you looking at me for, linda so tells us about a hot new trend. >> was it comfortable? yes. >> no matter how hard she tried, aen jell could never get rid of the bulge in her belly. >> i was always the january 1st go get them.
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eat right,couldn't rid of it. >> so angel turned to the next trend in cosmetic surgery. >> my pants ray little loose. . >> cool sculpting is a quick easy and relatively painless procedure. it requires one treatment and doesn't require going under the knife. >> it's better tolerated. it'sa lunchtime pro procedure. >> dr. michael cowe next is a cosmetic his or her jovenlt he says the treatment is ideal for people who are in relatively good shape but can't get rid of those stubborn bulges. >> someone who's been to the gym and lost some weight and is koft where they are but still
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has a must haven top. >> the muffin top. >> the procedure can be done on women and men. >> a lot of men want to go through an invasive procedure. >> the treatment uses cooling plates to freeze the fat off. >> these orange plates are the cooling plates that drop the temperature to about 12 degrees celsius which is the freezing point of the lipids in the fat cells. >> the process is to cool the fat cells and cause them to be destroyed. . >> put an x at the center. >> the target area is mark ed and the a jell pad gel pad is placed o' on the skin to protect it. this applicator then goes where you want to get rid of the fat. >> we want to draw whatever bulge or area of concern into
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the applicator to at least this bar. . >> one treatment lasts an hour. >> it's a little suction and then it gets cool right away. there's no discomfort. . >> when the treatment is durngs it takes some time before you can see the results. >> it usually takes a month or so for the patients to start receiving some reduction. bythe end of about three months you really see a sglifrns my pants were a little looserment it was a nice change. iactually had to go get a size smaller jeans. now everythingfits more comfortable. >> a safe and effective way to get rid of the bulge in those areas that need some sculpting. >> cool. >> no doubt. >> at the cosmetic surgery center of maryland, one treatment can cost anywhere from 8 to $15 hundred depending on the area being treated.
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>> and for the latest health news impacting your family, you can follow linda so on twitter. >> and now maryland's most accurate forecast.. >> maryland's most powerful radar all clear this evening. there are winter watch withs up north. take a look at the overall perspective. you cansee what's coming, big moisture brewing and heading towards us. so you're fine overnight, you wake up to a chilly start but realize, we will see some showers in here by midday tomorrow. as you look carefully, you see the green outlines, a flood watch up for central marylandment as you go further west from hagerstown westward to al gain noi there's an
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elevation issue with winter storm. we don't have the cold air in place. as we zoom in a little here, you see temperaturings around the freezing mark, where they'll be first thing in the morning. we'll climb into the 40s in central maryland before we see the precipitation move in so as a result it's going to be all rain. clear tonight, boy you probably saw the moon come up. unbelievable moon rise out there tonight. that changes as we push toward daybreak tomorrow. certainly by early afternoon, we begin to bring in the outer edge of that precipitation. then itgets heavy toward 7:00, 8:00 tomorrow night. one to two inches of rain and a locality of it within a couple of hours. then the showers come and blow
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out of here by morning wednesday. looks like a pretty mild looks wednesday behind this double barrelled system. youcan see the powerful system here over oklahoma and arkansas and a secondary low over new orleans. this is going have quite a punch as it comes through the midatlantic states. snow in th mountains, rain from frederick all points east. double barldsystem, racing east, a heavy hit of rain. two inch totals possible but then clearing out rapidly. again it looks mild initially and then we will get colder toward the end of the week. overnight tonight, just some clouds increasing by day braevenlth rain moves in tomorrow, maybe a little sun in the morning. we bring the rain in after midday. it gets heavy r vier tomorrow
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-- heavier. pretty mild behind that on wednesday. then we begin a cooling trend and temperatures are going to struggle to get to the mid-40s. a couple of cold fronts that won't bring rain or snow but will bring cold weather through the weekend. >> ar mon doe perez, pit bull is coming to the petroleum broke on march 3rd petroleum. . >> more abc2 news after that.
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rmondo perez, pit bull is coming to the petroleum broke on march 3rd. . >> more abc2 news after that. sykesville. >> he's got a superbowl ring now he's going for a dancing trophy. gentleman kobe buy jones gentleman koebjacoby jones is going to be on dancing with the stars. >> tomorrow on good morning maryland, the military hospital sets sail from brjs we're live. >> also get ready for another round of nasty weather. >> it starts at 4:30 here on
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abc2 news. >> what's the weather going to be like. >> i think the morning commute is going to be great but tomorrow evening it's going to be driving rain. first i want to show you this, moon rise, beautiful nout night out there. i got one from laurel here, it just comes right up there. thatleads us into a very different night tomorrow night where we're not going to see the moon at all. we could have flood concerns so that's tomorrow night and we clear out wednesday and things look better after that.
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. >> all right, tomorrow's the day. we're going to see jacobyjones and who his dance partner will be. >> that's tomorrow at 7:00. >> right here. >> i heard judd is going to be there. >> oh. >> champ bailee. >> d l hue lee hugely. >> good night. >> o' i got it when we could download an hd movie in like two minutes.
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